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Workshop with Reggie "Premier" Brown

JB Skating Start 4:30pm

  • 17 Euro
  • Berlin


Reggie "Premier" Brown is a JB Skater, Music Producer, Skate Designer, JB Historian and star of the Emmy Nominated Skate Documentary: United Skates. He is a multi award winning professional skater who has been skating Internationally for 27 years. As a skate music producer he is responsible for some of the most popular skating hits including the viral song "Whenever I'm Down". His music has been featured in film, television, and thousands of videos across social media platforms. HBO, Today Show, Roller Skating Magazine, Electronic Beats, New York Times, Rolling Stone, and BET are a few media outlets you may have seen him and his work featured. His JB workshop will focus on JB history, musicality, creativity, and movement structure within the style. This is a one of a kind class that highlights a unique culture of skating that originated in Chicago, IL USA. Don't miss it! Intermediate and Advanced skaters recommended. All levels welcome. Access to the workshop is only possible with a ticket for Sk8JamBerlin

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Berlin, Germany

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